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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Harold Rogers
For many weeks prior to beginning physical therapy, I had increasing pain in my right shoulder region along with some limitation of neck movement.  There were times that working was difficult due to pain and I almost eliminated certain procedures from my practice because they made my symptoms worse.  I could no longer have lengthy appointments booked back to back, decreasing my patient load.  Since the therapy I received, along with following the home care excercises, my shoulder is all but pain free and I believe it will be pain free shortly.  It is great to have my full shoulder function returned to normal.

Also, the staff is absoultely wonderful to work with.  It is uplifting to have pleasant, happy people to help you manage your pain.
Phyllis Parrish
I came to Orthos---pitiful, full of pain---frozen shoulders both---couldn’t get my arms behind my back! Furthermore, carpel tunnel was making my right hand numb and the hand and wrist were already stiff from a July fall.
My neighbor, through experience and kindness, had said: “Go to Orthos in Clayton or you will never get better. Leave the place where you are going, for I have tried them all.” Finally, I heeded her voice and now I am thankful.
I came to Janie, fearful that I would have to live my life this way. However, she said there was hope and she thought she could help me. Why even the patients in the waiting room said: “If Orthos can’t help you nobody can!” After two months of physical therapy---three times a week and FAITHFULLY doing my exercises at home, my pain is gone, I can put my hands behind my back, my rotator cuff is healed. There is no need for surgery for my rotator cuff nor for carpel tunnel. Thank you, Janie, and all the staff at Orthos.
Teresa Tomlinson
I was referred to Orthos Physical Therapy by my doctor due to lower back pain. The pain became so great I was not able to stand up completely nor stand/sit for long periods of time. I completed about 6 visits of physical therapy from Ms. Jenny Williams, LPT while she explained and answered my questions referencing back pain. She also provided me with daily exercise to perform on my own time. The combination of treatments and faithfully conducting the exercises was a part of my recovery and healing process.

I am thankful for the knowledge I’ve received as well as the professionality provided by this company. I recommend others to attend and receive treatment from this company.
Kim Billquist
When I first came to Orthos I was in excruitiating pain. I had hurt my back at work and could barely move. I started therapy and after the second session, the improvement was remarkable. My therapist had found tightened muscles that were knotted, that I didn’t even know were a problem. My therapist was very kind and gentle and explained in detail everything that was going on with me and the reasons for every method used. I now feel 100% better and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Orthos and my therapist for my recovery.
Betty Watson
When I first came here my sciatic nerve was in great pain.   It was almost impossible to go up the stairs to work. I was limping. I was afraid if it got any worse I wouldn’t be able to walk. I could not lift my leg when I was lying down. Now I feel great! I can lift my leg. I can go up the stairs.   I am not limping at all! I am not in pain. Thank you!!
Rachel Konneker
At the end of April, I consulted Janie Broadwell for significant pain and loss of function in my right elbow and arm.  Dr. Joan Meehan and a subsequent MRI confirmed Janie's suspicion of a herniated cervical disc.  Over the course of the next 6-8 weeks, intensive physical therapy combined with some rest and a corticosteroid series resulted in complete disappearance of all symptoms.  Although I still see Janie weekly for treatment of previously existing post-surgical back problems, her successful treatment of the cervical disc issue saved me from a fourth surgery. 
Doris Walker
When I started my Physical Therapy, I had a lot of pain in the back of my neck. It started in my right shoulder muscle and went up into my neck. Each week the pain has gotten better. I can move my neck better now. I don’t have any pain in the back of my neck now.
Adelma Benson
I have been having tendonitis for about a year. I wore a brace, but it didn’t help at all. I went to Orthos Physical Therapy for five treatments and now I am completely well.
Jackie Gunter
I had rotator cuff surgery. When I started taking physical therapy I could not lift my arm. Now I can cut grass, and pick up heavy objects such as the milk jug, vacuum the floor, and move things when I need to. Physical Therapy has helped me 150%. I can throw a ball to my son again without pain.
Darlene Crabtree
When I first came to Orthos Physical Therapy I was having numbness and muscle pain in my neck, back, and arms. After 6 weeks of physical therapy I am pain free. It feels great to be myself again.
Robin Edwards
As a result of my physical therapy, I have slowly resumed my exercise workout by practicing strength related exercises suggested by my physical therapist. As a result of the therapy and exercises, I am experiencing less pain and have more range of motion.
Pat Rackley 
I have had pain in my hip and back for 15 to 20 years. I saw many doctors and all of them sent me to a physical therapist. I cannot tell you how many physical therapists I have seen over the years and the pain was still there. When I first met Janie, she gave me an exam like I have never had before. She was very thorough and told me what was going on with my hip and back. Janie went to work on me and in just a few sessions, I was feeling much better. I only wish I could have seen her years ago. Janie is not only a great physical therapist, she is thoughtful and her first priority is helping you feel better. The staff at Orthos Physical Therapy are the greatest. They are all very kind and caring. You will feel like you are family by the time you have finished your treatment. There are no words that could express my gratitude for all Janie and Orthos Physical Therapy has done for me. 

Laurie Bubenik
Dear Ortho's Family:
I cannot tell you how much I think of your team.  I am a new person because of your office.  The therapy has made me my old self again.  It is so nice to be able to walk and "do life!"
Much more than the therapy, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your TLC.  Everyone is always smiling and so concerned about how I am doing.  I am made to feel that I am not just another co-pay, but a real person.  It actually is so much fun to come even though the therapy might not be so comfortable.  Your office makes me feel so comfortable and the fun "ribbing" against Scott is the BEST part of the visit.  

Thank you for going above and beyond when it comes to bedside manner.  I wish all medical visits were like coming to see your Ortho's family!
You are special, because there is no one just like YOU!